Sexy Miku

So ive been away for a while and didnt have chance to post for a while and our fan page of facebook has finally reached over 11000 people, but we had some major issues with uploading recently in regards to picture uploads. Right now its 17 Feb 2012 2.00 am in the morning, and im going out of my mind trying to decide what to upload, so for now i decidded to upload a couple of cute pics of Miku Hatsune for Vocaloids hope you like them.


Mr.Shy said...

Wow you look perfectly like her how long did it take to get the right color for your hair ?

Anonymous said...

They're called 'wigs'

staying healthy said...

looks so fresh
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M.Shajid said...

Fresh Chicken :D, Miku is really damn Chicken leg piece :D How to draw manga

niya sakuragi said...

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NyNy said...

She has pretty eyes.

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Stephanie said...

She has nice eyes, very cute cosplay of miku.

Anonymous said...

Soooo danging ;)

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Lete Tung said...

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